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Next Step Produce is a 130-acre farm located in Southern Maryland, 50 miles south of Washington DC.  We are a four-season farm cultivating diverse grains, dried beans, vegetables, and fruit.  Since the inception of Next Step Produce in 2000, our specialties have evolved, and continue to do so.  One thing remains the same – in our practices, we strive to make a viable, regenerative, and often adventurous contribution towards a local food system.  When we were asked “Why grow rice?”, the answer was: “Because we eat rice.”

We grow here for people here

We know you want food that is grown nutritionally, tastes terrific, and is grown by someone you know and trust. If you live locally and would like to purchase morganic* fruit, vegetables, grains, grits, flour, and beans directly from the farm (Wow! That’s practically a full diet), you may do so!

*mor(e-than-or)ganic: Please visit our Guiding Us page.

Home Buyer

Home buyers, our weekly newsletter is designed for you. Upon signing up, you will receive weekly farm and online store updates. We offer a-la-carte online ordering with five pickup location options between the farm and Washington DC.


Restaurateurs, chefs, bakers, producers, retailers, or anyone else with wholesale interests, please contact us. We are very reachable and will provide you with a Dry Goods Product Price List. We make weekly Tuesday deliveries to the DC area.

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If you have any questions, comments, or other words for us, please do not hesitate to reach out at the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

Phone: (301) 259-2096

Email: nextstepproduce@gmail.com

Next Step Produce
10615 Benton Road
Newburg, MD 20664