Work With Us

Work With Meaning

Heinz welcoming you to dig sweet potatoes… and more!  We are seeking people who are active believers in an alternative food system, and in the physical, mental, and emotional attributes that make such a system viable. Good work ethic, not separate from life ethic, for us is expressed through mindfulness, initiative, and self-responsibility, guided by community-spirit, and earth-pride.

Tasks include greenhouse seeding and maintenance, ground preparation, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and market preparation. Exposure and experience could be gained in irrigation set-up, tractor and implement utilization, compost and soil medium production, consumption crop rotation and cover crop systems, and more, depending on aptitude and interests.

Neighboring rustic housing is available to those working with us. The commute is a beautiful and brief walk through the forest.

If this speaks to you and you would like to gain or deepen your knowledge of organic vegetable, grain and bean production, contact us by phone or email.