Unrelated to wheat, not a grass, and therefore not a grain, buckwheat feeds pollinators with its snowy-white blooms as it grows to produce the fruit seed that feed us.  If you like to plant a garden for pollinators, you might also consider eating for pollinators!  That means eating more buckwheat for sure.  Corn, wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, and sorghum are all grains that depend on the wind for pollination, not insects.  Diversity in our diets, supports diversity all around.  Diversity is a Law of Nature, and therefore our existence depends on it.


Buckwheat has not been embraced in northern climes such as Russia, China, and Quebec because of its cold-hardiness, which it has not, but because it is a relatively short-season or fast-growing crop. We double crop buckwheat after the grain harvest in July. The challenge with buckwheat is the inability to do mechanical weed cultivation due to the dense planting requirements. The challenge also comes post harvest when the triangular black hull must be removed to reveal the edible, nutty, grey kernel. In order to achieve clean and intact buckwheat groats, we’ve had to import a de-huller from Japan, specifically designed for buckwheat’s unique shape and qualities.


Buckwheat is available as groats or stone-milled into flour, either rustic or fine, upon request. Milling upon request allows us to provide a freshly milled product with nutrients and enzymes most intact and active.

BUCKWHEAT GROATS: Unrelated to wheat, not a grass, and therefore not a grain, these gluten-free groats feed like a grain with the added boon of high protein content. The flavor is nutty and reminiscent of herbal tea.

RUSTIC-MILLED FLOUR OF BUCKWHEAT: The gray inner kernels of buckwheat, milled with their papery black hull, yields the characteristic look of this flour : speckled, gray, almost violet in color . Gluten-free, high-protein, and earthy-flavored, this flour is a special treat.

FINE-MILLED FLOUR OF BUCKWEHAT: To achieve this fine , almost white flour , buckwheat is first de-hulled into whole groats, removing its papery black hull. It is a whole flour, & fit for
pancakes to pasta.