In the News

BALTIMORE STYLE  –  Flour Power:  Two intrepid experimenters, a baker and a farmer, go with the grain to make the best bread possible  –  read here

BAY WEEKLY  –  The New Frontier of Local Eating Starts at the Farm:  Southern Maryland’s Heinz Thomet is making whole wheat lovable  –  read here

CIVIL EATS – A Maryland Grain Grower Takes regenerative Agriculture to the Next Step – read here

HERITAGE RADIO NETWORK  –  Origins, a Speaker Series, Episode 8:  Baking and Local Grains  –  listen here

KIKO’S FOOD NEWS  –  Lunch Agenda: Breaducation  –  listen here

SOUTHERN MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL COMMISSION, BLOG  –  Next Step Produce is years ahead in organic food production  –  read here

WASHINGTON POST  –  Rice Grown in Maryland?  Farmers sees a future that does not involve flooding  –   read here

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