As it grows in the fields, because of its wide use, wheat takes on a wide array of characters and form. In its use, different wheats offer different qualities making it suitable for lofty bread to crumbly patries to delicate noodles.


Wheat comes as hard and soft types, the former being higher in gluten content and therefore suitable for bread-making, and the latter being suitable for pastries. Wheat also comes as winter or spring types, each finding its functionality in the rotation and weed management of the regenerative farmer. Finally, Wheats come in red and white types, fine-tuning the end result for the consumer. We grow all types and offer multiple heritage and landrace varieties.


Wheat is available by variety name as either whole berries or stone-milled into flour upon request. Milling upon request allows us to provide a freshly milled product with nutrients and enzymes most intact and active.