Eat With Us

We want to help you feed your family the healthiest food possible. We know that convenience is important to you. We know you want food that is grown sustainably, contains important nutrients for your health, tastes terrific, and is grown by someone you know and trust. If you live locally and would like to purchase vegetables, grains, flour, and beans directly from the farm (Wow!  That’s practically a full diet), you may do so!  We are pleased to announce various pick-up options!


The following pick-up options are available via a google-based spreadsheet containing the current week’s price list of available products sent out weekly via email on Sunday mornings. Customers should place their order on the spreadsheet by the Wednesday 5 am deadline.  Your order would then be ready for pick-up by Thursday. Please contact us so that we may place you on our mailing list. You will be asked to provide us with an email and a telephone number.  The following pick-up locations are offered via this means:


available Thursdays through Sundays:


Ideally everyone makes an on-farm pick-up at least once.  Connecting to the people and the land who grow your food is crucial in developing the connection to help yourself do what you want to do: eat right!  Upon placement of your first order for on-farm pick-up, you will be required to contact us by phone or email to arrange a pick-up time that is convenient for both parties. Please call/email enough a head of time (a day or so) so as to assure something that works for both parties. This is so that we may meet and so that we can show you what you need to know so that you are self-sufficient when picking-up all future orders. After your first pick-up and orientation, you will then have all the information you need to pick-up your subsequent orders anytime at your convenience between Thursdays and Sundays! The key is to always remember to check both coolers 🙂


available Thursdays during open hours:

Orders will be dropped off Thursdays at Zen and Vitality with Zoa on Rt 301 in LaPlata.  Pick-up clients for this location must first do the following:
Upon pick-up, you will provide payment to Zoa via check (made out to Next Step Produce) or cash.  It’s as simple as that!
Missed Pickups: If there is a problem with your planned pickup arrangements, you must text Zoa at (301) 392-3723. It is important that your receive your food in the best possible condition. Missed pickups might be forfeit in order to uphold the quality of your food.




Place an order with us directly (via email or telephone) and  pick-up your order in Takoma Park at the house/doctor’s office of fellow farmer, Dr. Nazirahk Amen.  There is regular travel between us and them.  The location of pick-up would be:

Wisdom Path Healing Center
7120 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912
one mile from the metro station

The hours of pick-up would be:
8 am – 6 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These are their office hours, although, being a residence, other days and times are a possibility but prior arrangements must be made.


for DC and area residents:


Order through a local food buying club called Grassfed On The Hill (GOTH) , which provides various pick-up options throughout the DC area.  Here you can purchase grains sourced from us, offered monthly (orders happen around the middle of the month).  And of course, through this avenue you would have access to other local foods as well, offered weekly.  The following is contact info:

Liz Reitzig, Coordinator
grassfedonthehill (at)


You can find our products as part of the menu or ingredient sourcing of various locally-committed avenues within DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  These include:

A Rake’s Progress  The Line Hotel, Washington DC — restaurant

Big Bear Cafe Washington DC — restaurant and market

Chesapeake’s Bounty  St Leonard, MD — retail market

Commune  Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA — restaurant

Dolcezza Gelato  Washington DC — producer of gelato

Keepwell Vinegar  Harrisburg, PA — producer of vinegars, misos and soy sauce

Lindera Farms  Delaplane, VA — producer of vinegars

No 1 Sons  Washington DC — producer of ferments   CURRENTLY OFFERING HOME DELIVERY OF OUR PRODUCT

Seylou Bakery & Mill  Washington DC — bakery and mill

Vitick’s Switchel  Arlington, VA — producer of drinks

Woodberry Kitchen  Baltimore, MD — restaurant