Grow with us

Ultimately, this is about connecting to our source. We want to help you grow your own food and experience this gift that is given to us all.


Heinz turning compost – a daily activity during select months

Next Step Produce has been making plant-based compost since our inception in 2000. Twenty-five some years ago, farmer Heinz went to a “controlled microbial compost” -making course given by the Luebke’s. The goal is to maintain aerobic conditions within the compost process at all times. This results in an oxidative nitrogen breakdown, thereby ensuring that there is no ammonia or sulfites in the end product. Importantly, the compost is fully mature with a C:N ratio of ~14:1. The ingredients include straw and hay grown on-farm; leaves from charles county; 10% on-farm clay so that the clay/humus complex happens; and fortified with basalt, a volcanic ash providing trace elements. We amend with calcium, sulfur, copper, zinc, manganese, calcium, and boron in a humate base. Our compost N:P:K analysis is 0.4:0:0.25. Notice that we do not have phosphorus. This is great for our soil since the previous farmer used chicken shit as a Nitrogen source yielding phosphorus excess. Generally, we have soft rock phosphate onhand which would be available to add upon request. We will happily also provide our compost analysis test results upon request.

For soils with less than 3% organic matter: 15 tons per acre (688 lb per 1000 square feet).
For soil with more than 5% organic matter: 5 tons per acre (230 lb per 1000 square feet).

5 Gal ~ 38 lb
1 Cubic Yard ~ 1500 lb

The 5 gallon volume will come bagged with a label and your name on it. This quantity can be delivered to any of the pickup locations.
The cubic yard can be dumped into the back of your pickup truck with our tractor bucket loader. Simply follow up upon placing your order to arrange a pickup time with us. This quantity if therefore only available for farm pickup. If you do not have a vehicle to receive compost and would like to arrange delivery, do not hesitate to ask.

Contact us or place on order via our online store.


Hay used as mulch for garlic

We offer hay and straw grown morganically on-farm, as with everything else we sell (save the seaweed:) These are available for on-farm pickup only. Do not hesitate to inquire if you have any questions.

Square Bales

Square bales measure approximately 14″x18″x35″. Contact us or place on order via our online store.

Round Bales

Round bales measure 4’x5′. Contact us or place on order via our online store.